Winter 2017 64-Hour Health Care Interpreter (HCI) Training
Student Page


thank you for being a part of our training program!  you were a wonderful class.  best wishes in your pursuit of professional interpreting!  If you ever need anything, just call or email us at / 503-893-9660.

also, consider enrolling in one of continuing education or exam prep courses, more info below:

the spring class is now open for registration:

News for interpreter skill building, Saturday, march 11th:

Things to Know:

  1. If you would like, bring food for the potluck!  Please arrive by 8 AM to set up, and bring food finger that can stay at room temperature.
  2. The job fair will be happening during lunch.
  3. We will be filming a promotional video for the film throughout the day.
  4. We will be in the 1st floor auditorium the remainder of the course!  Expect a better acoustic experience.
  5. Arrive by 8:10 AM to check in (especially if you need to pay).  Students showing up late may be turned away.
  6. Dr. Juan Gutierrez Sanin from the National Institute for Coordinated Healthcare will be instructing.
  7. Scroll below for PowerPoints and handouts.
  8. If you haven't paid yet, bring a debit or credit card.
  9. Bring a lunch, or $$ for the OHSU cafeteria (ten minute walk).
  10. Plan to stay until 5:30 PM.
  11. No coffee will be provided this module (please make time to pick up some beforehand).  A limited amount of pastries will be provided.
  12. Get ready for an exciting class!

Class Materials

Toc Soneoulay-Gillespie's Email:

interpreter volunteer opportunities

Clackamas Volunteers in Medicine (The Founder's Clinic) - Oregon City
Dayna Velasco - 503-722-4400 -

OHSU - Portland
503-418-5376 -

Southwest Community Health Center
Cecily Peterson - 503-977-0733 -

Voz Workers' Rights Education Project
Celestina Nuñez - 503-233-6787 -

Wallace Medical Concern



National Council on Interpreting in Health Care Ethics

National Council on Interpreting in Health Care Standards

International Medical Interpreters Association Standards

California Healthcare Interpreting Association Standards

Office of Equity and Inclusion Contact Information

General Email:
Kweku Wilson - HCI Learning Collaborative Coordinator

certification/qualification materials

Requirements Sheet

Quick Guide to Oral Language Proficiency

Certification Reference Sheet

Qualification Reference Sheet

CCHI National Exam Reference Sheet

NBCMI National Exam Reference Sheet

Comparison of National Exams Reference Sheet


CCHI Medical Glossaries (your email sign up is required)

English-Spanish Medical Terminology Glossary

insurance for interpreters

These are some links to insurance options:

interpreter agencies in Oregon

Below is a list of agencies.  Each agency will have its own standards and requirements for working with them.  This is not a complete list, so there may be some agency names missing.

Access Services Northwest

Anderson Interpreting Service

Certified Languages International

Evergreen Interpreting & Translating Services

Gaucha TI

Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) 

Interpreters Associates

John Wan

Language Line

Liberty Language Services

Linguava Interpreters

Linguistics Global Associates

MindLink Resources

Molano Multicultural Communication

NWI Global

Oregon Certified Interpreter's Network

Oregon Translation

Pacific Interpreters

Passport to Languages

Professional Interpreters

Sign for Life

Stratus Video Interpreting


Translators USA

VDO Interpreters