The Community Interpreter Training Class

Date change: Hillsboro class starts on September 21! This class meets once a week, on Monday nights, until January 25. Payment plan available. Discount for languages with no oral certification exam available through CCHI or NBCMI. 

The Community Interpreter ® International - Medical Edition - in Hillsboro. 
See this page for syllabus details
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Starts on September 21: Register soon! We had announced that there would be another class in the Beaverton area, but it didn't work out.
CE Credits for IMIA, CCHI, and Oregon Court interpreters! (see below)
Fees: $150 for registration (covers books) required fee
Tuition: Either one payment of $500 (total $650) or four monthly payments of $150 (total $750).
Discounts for speakers of languages with no certification path - see below!
Options for medical terminology only and for 40 hour only.

Here are some early testimonials. Upon graduation, students will be listed on this page, so companies can find them as trained interpreters. For some, that has brought a raise upon graduation. Companies check that page as soon as the class ends.

Oral Certification Exam Preparation - Rescheduled for December.
Though this class was widely requested, we need more time to announce this class. More news on this later!

Check some changes in the law for Health Care Interpreters as of January 2016:
HB 2419 was signed into law. It changed things in the law about healthcare interpreters. These changes have to be updated in the regulations, but...

As of January 1, an internship will no longer be required. The requirement for 40 or 80 hours of experienced is a way to fulfill the requirement for the internship. Presumably, that will be removed by the regulations. For languages of less diffusion, this will make the qualification process simpler. The time to train is now, so you can be qualified as soon as possible in January! The square brackets with italics inside indicate "deleted": [(c) Has had practical experience as an intern with a practicing health care interpreter.] Section 5 (4)(c) on page 4 of this link.

As of January 1, Certified or Qualified (trained and language proficiency tested) healthcare interpreters will be required at all medical appointments whenever possible. Previously, this law applied only to Medicare appoingments. See Section 2, (3) on page 2 of this link.

ASL is included. "And to persons who communicate in sign language". ASL interpreters now will be part of the certification and qualification process, along with the spoken languages. That has to be spelled out in the regulations. Presumably, it will include training and testing, just as it does for spoken languages, at a minimum at the level of the spoken language training programs. We welcome ASL interpreters in our classes! See Section 2, (3) on page 2 of this link.

This remains unchanged in 2016:
Qualification is renewable only if your language does not have a certification path. If your language is Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Korean, Arabic or Vietnamese, after three years you are not able to renew your qualification. You simply have to get certified. So, for languages with certification, being qualified is just a three year period of time to get your certification in order.
20% tuition discount when paid in full (20% of 500=$100) for interpreters of languages other than Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Korean, Arabic or Vietnamese.
In December, Gaucha will schedule an exam preparation workshop for those preparing for the oral certification exam. 

Added service: Language Proficiency Testing
Gaucha TI has a contract with Language Testing International to provide testing approved by the Oregon Health Authority. Gaucha TI can schedule and proctor your Oral Proficiency Interview.

What if I don't pass the test? Can I still take the class?
Yes. If you are interpreting, you'll be safer as an interpreter if you know what you are doing! But knowing where you stand with respect to the expectations that have been set  gives you time to take corrective action. You can take your language proficiency test any time during the course of the class.

That... is preparing, as a professional should.

Helen Eby,
Owner, Translator, Interpreter and Trainer
Gaucha TI

Medical terminology portion approved for CE credits by IMIA and CCHI
Full course approved for CE credits by CLAS (Oregon Court Interpreter Services)