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6th Annual OHCIA Conference



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Registration opens — Job Fair - Free Breakfast/Coffee

Main Program begins — Welcome and opening remarks

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Commissioner Sharon Meieran - Keynote Speaker 

OHCIA President


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Health Care Interpreter of the Year Award


1st Round Workshops (1 hr. length)


2nd Round workshops (3 hrs. length)

2nd Round workshops (1 hr. length)


3rd Round workshops (1 hr. length)


Program Closes - Job Fair Continues

Raffle Held Lecture Hall Exhibitor Room (3rd Floor)

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OHCIA is thrilled to announce that for the 6th year in a row and with the support of our generous sponsors, is able to offer very affordable continuing education opportunities to our attendees.

Approved for Continuing Education Hours for health care interpreters through the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) and Oregon Health Authority (OHA).

All Qualified and Certified HCI's must complete 24 hours of OHA approved continuing education (CEU). For more details, please visit their website HERE.

Approved CEUs from Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) will be accepted by Oregon Health Authority (OHA) for the renewal of HCI letters.


The following sessions are presented for continuing education accreditation:

  1. Interpreting for Palliative Care in Pediatrics 
  2. Training Dental Interpreters - A team approach
  3. Developing Memory Skills for Health Care Interpreting
  4. The Road to Statewide Licensing for ASL interpreters
  5. Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training
  6. Infection Control
  7. Accent Modification for Interpreters
  8. Interpreting Oregon Workers Compensation
  9. Sight translating intake forms
  10. ASL - Role of Deaf interpreters in medical settings
  • 1.0 CE Hour
  • 1.0 CE Hour
  • 1.0 PB*CE Hour
  • Pending
  • 3.0 CE Hour
  • 3.0 CE Hour
  • 3.0 PB*CE Hour
  • 3.0 CE Hour
  • 1.0 PB*CE Hour
  • Pending

*PB - Performance Based

The following sessions are not accredited for continuing education hours:

  1. Independent contractor vs Regular employee
  2. Certification process with Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI)
  3. Certification process with The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI)

Interpreting for Palliative Care Training in Pediatrics

Presenters: Jorge Madrid, CHI & Daniela Obregón, CHI

Category: Skills 

Description: The aim of this presentation is to take a closer look of what palliative care in pediatrics entails from a healthcare interpreter’s perspective with hopes to provide better understanding of the subject. Palliative care is a discipline that formally developed in the second half of the twentieth century, but since then, many have mistakenly thought that this specialty is synonymous with hospice care. Palliative care encounters can be emotionally taxing, linguistically difficult, and highly challenging. We will provide tips on how to be better prepared for different sessions with the palliative care team, the importance of self-care, self-awareness, and how to handle emotionally charged encounters.



Training Dental Interpreters: A Team Approach

Presenter: Dr. Richie Kohli, BDS, MS (DPH)

Category: Skills

Description: Because of recent increase in the number of individuals who have limited English speaking skills, there is a unique demand on the U.S. health care system to provide culturally competent care. Effective patient-provider communication is essential to high-quality health care. Literature suggests that the use of professional interpreters (in person or via telephone) increases patient satisfaction, improves adherence and outcomes, and reduces adverse events, thus limiting malpractice risk. The goal of this presentation is to educate health care interpreters in dental-related terms and procedures and thus increase their confidence in providing interpreter services in dental settings.



Developing Memory Skills for Interpreters

Presenter:  Joselito Tanega, Educational Specialist

Category: Skills

Description: How many times do you meet someone and immediately forget their name? It happens every day. Learning proven memory techniques can aid in retaining basic information like someone’s name; which can mean the difference between looking like a professional or amateur.
This workshop can help improve the communication and relationships between you as the Healthcare interpreter, your clients and healthcare providers. Being able to remember names and greet everyone by their name is the ultimate sign of respect and professionalism.

FEE -$30

Statewide Licensing for ASL interpreters








FEE- $30

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training



Presenter: Sara Taggart, MPA, Prevention, Education & Partnerships Manager at Children’s Center

Category: Ethics

Description: Video-based and interactive workshop offered through a grant from The Ford Family Foundation to raise the bar of awareness of the very difficult issue of child sexual abuse. Most adults remain uncomfortable broaching the subject despite the reality that at least 1 in 10 children experience sexual abuse before the age of 18. To overcome this barrier and begin a real conversation, the workshops use the nationally recognized and evidence informed Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention curriculum. The workshop integrates survivor stories, facts about child sexual abuse, and concrete steps that Health Care Interpreters can take to recognize, prevent and respond skillfully to concerns.

FEE - $30

Infection Control and Industrial Safety for Interpreters in Medical Settings

Presenter: Linda Golley, CCHI Commissioner

Category: Skills / Ethics

Description: Interpreters have long been considered language workers. While it is true that their expertise lies in communication, medical interpreters must also be considered part of the healthcare workforce, while court/legal interpreters interpreting in medical settings must also understand the peculiarities and dynamics of a medical environment. And thus, interpreters must acquire the specialized knowledge to be safe members of the healthcare team.





FEE - $30


Communicate is Key: Accent Modification for Interpreters

Presenter: Darren J. Packard, M.S.,CCC/SLP

Category: Skills

Description: You will improve your ability to interpret more effectively by improving your American English pronunciation and intonation. This will allow your listener to concentrate more on what you are saying and less on how you are saying it and make you a more effective interpreter. 

You'll improve your pronunciation of the most difficult to pronounce or most mispronounced sounds by non-native English speakers by learning how to correctly pronounce these sounds. We'll practice aloud during the workshop, using an evidenced-based speech-language pathology model, moving from sounds the words. Throughout the exercises you will simultaneously improve your ability to "hear" these sounds and we'll talk about how these sounds may be represented in spelled words. 


FEE - $30

Interpreting for Oregon Workers' Compensation

Presenter: Jessica Lowman - Community Outreach Staff of the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division

Category: Skills

Description: This class is designed to assist Health Care Interpreters develop the skills to understand the Oregon Workers Compensation system including the workers' rights, the employers' responsibilities, the treatment process, adjustors, Independent Medical Evaluations (IME's), work hardening programs, settlements, and recent changes in policies related to the use of interpreters in workers’ compensation claims.







FEE - $30

Sight Translating Intake Forms - a Safe Technique

Presenter: Helen Eby, CHI, Court Interpreter & Certified Spanish Translator

Category: Skills

Description: Intake forms are used in legal reviews of medical cases. You never know when they will be questioned. Accuracy is paramount. In this session, Helen Eby will explain a technique she has developed and vetted with attorneys after seeing forms being questioned in depositions where she acted as a certified court interpreter. This technique does not take extra time and clearly reflects the patient’s original intent. Later, nobody has any grounds to question whether it reflects what the patient said, which is the main problem with other techniques.

FEE -$10

Role of Deaf Interpreters in Medical Settings








Certification process with Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI)

Presenter: Linda Golley

Healthcare Interpreters are changing their world one word at a time! Congratulations on starting the process to earn the CHI™ or CoreCHI™ credential, the nation's highest credential available to healthcare interpreters and professional recognition of their qualification.

CCHI is offering this step-by-step presentation to simplify your process in obtaining your credential.




FEE- Included with your $10 Registration Fee

(no registration needed)

Certification process with The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI)

Presenter: Jazmin Manjarrez

The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters offer the most prestigious credential available in the field of medical interpreting. We have a comprehensive certification program for interpreters wishing to earn a CMI (Certified Medical Interpreter Credential) in six languages including: Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Korean, and Vietnamese. 

Attend this workshop to learn step-by-step the process of going through certification with NBCMI.


FEE- Included with your $10 Registration Fee

(no registration needed)

Independent contractor vs Regular employee

Presenter: Chris Cox, Oregon Department of Revenue's Withholding and Payroll Tax Outreach Coordinator

Description: This is a high overview on how Department of Revenue Department of Education and Construction Contractors Board defines what an independent contractor is per ORS 670.600. We will talk about Direction and Control and how that relates to the interpreters. This training will allow the independent contractor to understand the requirements that separates themselves from an employee.


FEE- Included with your $10 Registration Fee

(no registration needed)

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