Receiving quality health care interpreter (HCI) training is essential to providing accurate and effective interpretation.  The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) requires that all HCIs looking to become certified or qualified take an OHA approved 60 hour training.  


OHCIA Health Care interpreter training 

We offer an affordable, OHA approved 60 hour training program with top notch instructors and supportive staff members.  This training is held in person 3-4 times a year in Portland.


Affordable medical interpreter training via language line

In partnership with the OHCIA, Language Line offers an online, 60 hour training that is self-paced and supported by over the phone sessions.  The cost is $300.  

Additionally, students who want to save money and work with others to complete the training can take charge of forming a “Community of Learners.”  A group leader would rally 4-7+ other students to sign up simultaneously for the training who would commit to all studying together. 

If the group leader gathers a group of 5-7, the leader takes the course for $150 (50% off).

If the group gathers a group of 8+, the leader takes the course for free.  

Also, each group member gets $25 off (their individual cost becomes $275).  

It is recommended you contact Heather Lane at Language Line directly to register, their website’s form can be difficult to navigate. 

Heather Lane Phone:  831-402-7375 Email: