Student Materials for OHCIA's 60 Hour Training Program

important: This material is for registered students only.  please do not share this material.  thank you.


It has been an honor to work with all of you.  Thank you for working hard and staying positive throughout the training, whether it was exciting, interactive material, or brain burning memorization.  I am confident that you now have enough resources, knowledge, and support to be awesome interpreters.  I encourage you to give your best to this profession, and to pursue Oregon state qualification/certification.  

Please, please anytime you need support, encouragement, or direction, don't hesitate to call or email.  I am always available for you guys.

Enjoy the journey,

Austin McRobbie
OHCIA Program Manager



Medical Terminology Homework Packet
"Introduction of the Human Body" Homework Packet


MT Vocabulary

MT Abbreviations

MT Prefixes

MT Suffixes

MT Roots

MT Singular vs. Plural


Volunteer as a Health Care Interpreter

Powerpoint slides

Health Care Interpreter Code of Ethics PowerPoint

Introduction to Health Care Interpreting PowerPoint

Anatomy and Physiology PowerPoint Part 1 of 6

Anatomy and Physiology PowerPoint Part 2 of 6

Anatomy and Physiology PowerPoint Part 3 of 6

Anatomy and Physiology PowerPoint Part 4 of 6

Anatomy and Physiology PowerPoint Part 5 of 6

Anatomy and Physiology PowerPoint Part 6 of 6

Medical Terminology Slides

instructor contact info

Maria Michalczyk, Director of Training:

Matthew U'Ren, Code of Ethics Instructor:  (put 'OHCIA STUDENT' in email heading)

Austin McRobbie, OHCIA Program Manager: 503-893-9660

Office of Equity and Inclusion Contact Info

General Email:
April Turner - Health Equity Workforce Assistant
Kweku Wilson - HCI Learning Collaborative Coordinator

certification/qualification materials

Certification and Qualification Explained

Requirements Sheet

Certification/Qualification Application

Quick Guide to Oral Language Proficiency

Certification Reference Sheet

Qualification Reference Sheet

CCHI National Exam Reference Sheet

NBCMI National Exam Reference Sheet

Comparison of National Exams Reference Sheet



CCHI Medical Glossaries (your email sign up is required)

English-Spanish Medical Terminology Glossary

health care interpreter code of ethics materials

National Council on Interpreting in Health Care Ethics

National Council on Interpreting in Health Care Standards

International Medical Interpreters Association Standards

California Healthcare Interpreting Association Standards