Thanks to the generous grant from the William Swindells, Sr. Memorial Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation, in 2019 the Oregon Health Care Interpreters Association (OHCIA) will offer a 60-hour online training targeted to health care interpreters working with the rural communities.  In order to support the program, OHCIA is creating five Communities of Learners (CLs), each composed of 10 health care interpreters from five key regions in Oregon. Each CL will have an assigned leader who will recruit, guide and mentor practicing interpreters. After the 60-hour online training, the leader will be responsible for providing information about the Oregon interpreting certification or qualification process. Scholarships and support will be available.  

If you are working right now as a health care interpreter and would like to be part of this project, please fill out the following survey to help us know more about you and your experience.

If you are also a community leader interested in helping us to organize and recruit working health care interpreters within your region, please contact Guillermo Ortiz directly at