Better Care, Better Health, Better Communities

It's time for new solutions.

That's why the Oregon Health Care Interpreters Association (OHCIA) has led the charge in building a collaborative new model for how health care language access works in the Pacific Northwest.  

Through a grant from the Kaiser Permanente Community Fund at Northwest Health Foundation, OHCIA is implementing the creation and development of the Pacific Northwest Interpreter Hub

what is the interpreter hub?

The Hub is a revolutionary model for health care language access with three main objectives:

  1. Improving Health Outcomes in the Pacific Northwest
  2. Providing Workforce Development Opportunities for Interpreters, Especially Refugees, Immigrants, and Asylees
  3. Building a Collaborative Health Care Language Access Model for Other States to Follow

To accomplish these objectives, there are four main programs of the Hub:

web based
interpreter portal

team of master interpreters

advocacy for better laws

Health care provider partnership

meet the first partners of our interpreter portal

The Language Group logo 2013.jpg
Sache Logo.jpg

These interpreter agencies are working with us to develop the workforce and create more work opportunities for interpreters (see their contact info below).

The Language Group
Ana Trigueros-Merritt
Interpreter Specialist

Sache International Language
Sabri Azizi, Director of Interpreters

Linguava Interpreters
Jacqueline Lee

many interpreters have already joined the hub!

the ohcia in collaboration with stakeholders continues to train interpreters and provide professional development opportunities.

How do i get involved?

As this is a revolutionary series of programs, we need lots of help!

Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Volunteer to help in the design and implementation of these programs
  • Promote the Hub and its benefits to your community