Student Materials for OHCIA's 60 Hour Training Program

important: This material is for registered students only.  please do not share this material.  thank you.

Fall Training Evaluation survey

Thank you for the great fall term everyone!

I am so proud of all of you, and I wish you success and wisdom in your future interpreting endeavors.  

Please feel free to reach out if you need anything: 503-893-9660 or  Friend me on Facebook (Austin McRobbie) to get in the Facebook group.  And check out the group photo below!  

All the Very Best,




presenter emails:

 James Mason

Maria Michalczyk

David Cardona

Charles Barbosa


Student Emails (shared with permission):

Carlota de Orbegoso   Spanish   Lake Oswego

Anna Antich   Slavic Languages    Portland

Yasmin Alkashef   Arabic   Beaverton

Alicia Hernandez   Spanish   Mt. Angel

Saidy Tajak   Spanish   Oregon City

Nguyet Nguyen   Vietnamese

Natasha Romanovsky   email?   Russian Tigard

Cameron Cruscial   Spanish   Salem

Keila Barrientos   Spanish   Fairview

Ana Valencia   Spanish  Gresham

Angel Campoz   Spanish   Salem

Fabian Vega

TP Nguyen   Vietnamese  Portland

Andrea Lara Silva  Spanish

Karla Meyer   Spanish

Patricia Gutierrez   Spanish

Lahaina Phillip   Chuukese

Georgina Mora   Spanish

Bethany Loberg   Spanish   Salem

Midori Karasawa   Japanese

Brian Felix   Russian

Grecia Dandach  Spanish

Marco Zetino  Spanish

Maria Diaz   Spanish

Delia Lagos   Spanish

Claudia Haskew   Spanish

Sergio  Mejia-Flores   Spanish

Tatiana Toro   Spanish


remaining fall classes

Final Exam - Saturday, November 21st (7:45 AM to 12 PM) 

Note: The Oregon Health Authority's Office of Equity and Inclusion will be joining us at 11 AM on November 21st to answer questions about certification/qualification and to accept completed applications.

winter 2016 tentative CLASS schedule

Introduction to Health Care Interpreting - Saturday, January 16th (7:45 AM to 5 PM)

Anatomy and Physiology I - Sunday, January 24th
(7:45 AM to 5 PM)

Medical Terminology I - Sunday, January 31st
(7:45 AM to 5 PM)

Health Care Interpreter Code of Ethics - Saturday, February 6th
(7:45 AM to 5 PM)

Anatomy and Physiology II - Sunday, Feb 14th (7:45 AM to 5 PM)

Medical Terminology II - Sunday, Feb 21th
(7:45 AM to 5 PM)

Advanced Health Care Interpreting Concepts – Saturday March 5th
(7:45 AM to 5 PM)

Final Exam - Saturday, March 12th
(7:45 AM to 12 PM) 


class slides

Introduction to Health Care Interpreting

Anatomy and Physiology

Medical Terminology:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Medical Terminology 
Chapter 2: Body Structures 
Chapter 3: Integumentary Systems 
Chapter 4: Musculoskeletal Systems 
Chapter 5:  Cardiovascular Systems 
Chapter 6: Blood and Lymphatics 
Chapter 7: Respiratory System 

Chapter 8: Digestive System 
Chapter 9: Urinary System 
Chapter 10: Reproductive Systems
Chapter 11: Endocrine Systems
Chapter 12: Nervous Systems
Chapter 13: 
Special Senses

Health Care Interpreter Code of Ethics

CUltural competency

memory skills and note taking


certification/qualification materials

Requirements Sheet

Certification/Qualification Application

Quick Guide to Oral Language Proficiency

Certification Reference Sheet

Qualification Reference Sheet

CCHI National Exam Reference Sheet

NBCMI National Exam Reference Sheet

Comparison of National Exams Reference Sheet


Anatomy and Physiology Syllabus Fall 2015

Anatomy and Physiology Class Study Guide


Medical Terminology Class Study Guide

Medical Terminology Syllabus Fall 2015

Medical Terminology Vocabulary

Medical Terminology Symbols

Medical Terminology Abbreviations

Medical Terminology Suffixes

Medical Terminology Prefixes


health care interpreter code of ethics materials

National Code of Ethics for Interpreters in Healthcare

National Standards of Practice for Interpreters in Healthcare

California Standards for Healthcare Interpreters